Cooking Workshop  « Pane, Pasta & Vino »

As far back as I can remember I had a passion for fine dining, and for the finer things in life. Later wine naturally joined my already existing love affair with the kitchen and its multiple flavours. It was the food as much as the wine which led me to live in Italy for several years.


Central Italy is not necessarily famous for its bread. I therefore baked bread myself on site, in all manner of variations and shapes. And I discovered that focaccia is a good alternative, perhaps because it goes so well with wine. Crispy outside, soft and airy inside, the smell of a fresh focaccia triggers a feast for all senses.


There is no doubt that pasta has always been and remains the heart of Italian cuisine. Margherita, a friendly 90-year old lady, initiated me into the secrets of making tagliatelle. My colleagues at work, all of them great cooks, entrusted me with their tips and tricks for preparing pici (typical hand-rolled noodles from Central Italy), ragù (meat sauce) and other delicacies.




In small groups (four to seven persons), together we will prepare focaccia and tagliatelle, then enjoy these treats while tasting the wines of the estate. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover these basics of nutrition in a different setting, a unique occasion to discuss the colour and taste of life, and the fascinating connections between wine and food.


The workshop includes: 


·        The preparation of focaccia and fresh pasta

·        A menu composed of : 

o   Aperitif with focaccia, cheese selection, charcuterie and pesto

o   Two types of pasta with its sauces (to choose from a seasonal list before the atelier)

o   Dessert and coffee

·         Booklet with recipes and explanations

·         Wine tasting     


Duration: approximately four to five hours


Cost per Person: Fr. 90.-