When making " santé " takes a whole new dimension. From my part : health and well-being for you all !

Bottling of the 2019 wines...

Some of the new vintage's wines are almost ready to be bottled. It's not far now that you can taste the new Crus : Chasselas Chardonne, Pinot Gris, Viva and Gamay ! 

Home delivery

These days we all stay at home. But a glass of wine from time to time brings us the well-beeing that we need so much in this period. We bring you the wine to your doorstep. For free from 6 bottles in the Riviera Region and from 12 bottles in the rest of Switzerland. 

Spring is here !!

The pruning is finished and the vineyards are ready for the new season. With the generally high temperatures during this winter the vines are already preparing for bud-burst.