I am striving for harmony in all things. It is therefore in my nature to cultivate the vineyards with great respect and to foster the diversity of all living organisms populating them. I am convinced that the vitality of the soil is essential for the health of the grapevines and is reflected in the quality of its wines.


From my beginning, I have been avoiding the use of herbicides. Since 2019 I am applying a plant protection program based on natural agents, using sulfur and copper for their fungicide properties, but also clay, orange and algae extracts as well as talc. 


I believe that a great wine originates essentially from the vineyard. The work in the cellar consists in extracting the very best from the grapes and preserving this substance through the winemaking process, eventually allowing to capture the essence of the vineyard in the bottle. The old grapevines give depth and soul to the wine. My aim is to grow wines which have something to tell, wines with personality and elegance. Audrey Hepburn’s quotation also stands for wine: “elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.